June 4, 2009


Hello Friends....

I am really so sad, because we are separated!!!!!:(
I am very happy to know you, because we can share about My culture and your culture, we was learned something....

It is the last meeting for us. Probably we can share in e-mail or face book. so we can keep our relation.

you can visited in My e-mail: no_vhi01@yahoo.com

Once again, I want to say Thank you for all of you, nice to meet you and Good bye friends.........


say good bye

I'm inang..
I'm so sad to say good bye for them..
because your are my best friend in a blog..
thank you very much about your information to us..
nice to meet you and nice to know you..
good bye........

say "good bye"

First of all,I will say nice know you...and now is last blogger.
I am impressed with this blogger. This blogger give me many information and can make me feels live in other country although not do it.
I am happy with this friendship and I hope it is can be long time.
The last,I say nice to meet you...
I am Yeni.

We will miss you all

This is a sad day for me because today will be the last time of blogging class.
Well i hope even though there is no blogging class we still keep our relationship by doing our own blog, and this is my Email, Facebook, friendster, flixter and yahoo messenger address, Lyan_cute90@yahoo.com

I hope our friendship will be everlasting
god bless u guys

Good bye my lovely friends.........

Ooooowwwhhh.... :(
We are so sad because this is the last posting for us.
So, we have to say "good bye".
Nice to meet you and nice to know you.
Thanks for your comment and information.
We hope we can be friends.
We are Fira & Ismi

say goodbye

What do you feel now?? Are you ok???
Because this is a last time of our blog..
I'm so sad about it.
If your call me, call in my e-mail; Heny_Nua@yahoo.co.id
But I'm always remember you.
Last word for you, nice to meet you and nice to know you..
and also thank's a lot of your information about your country to us..
good by....!!!!



Really sad to say good by to all of you. You all are very good friends for us. Really nice to know you and share with you. You let me know about your culture and its very interesting to know about that. I want to keep share with you about everything, but I don't know why we have to separated. I was very exciting when we met in blogger and talk about anything.
If you want to know who I am, I give you my picture. In that picture I'm in the middle.

ooooouuuhhhh,,, ya..
If you still want to be my friend, we probably can sharing with e-mail.

This is my e-mail address : ibrahimervina@yahoo.com
or if you have a facebook, just add me. My full name is ERVINA 'VIVIN' IBRAHIM.

Thank you for being my friend...

I'll missing you!

good bye:-)

say goodbye

This is the last time I'm posting you. I'm so sad to say goodbye....
I'm very happy to know you, friend. Thank you for giving your information for us. Its useful for us to know about your country.
Nice to meet U and don't forget us.
Good Bye......


To end this blog,i want to say good bye...
i hope you can't forget us..
nice to meet you and nice to know you..
but we can email and you can send me message or from face book or another website...
my email address muliyaniadam@yahoo.com

Say "good bye".

The first, we want to say nice to know you guys.... In this blog, we were learning some culture each nation. And it is so interesting to our. But.... today is the last meeting our blog, so we really sadness to say "good bye". We hope after this time, we can meet again in others time. Thank you so much. ;'(
But if you still want to have relation with me and Any, you can research of our Face book or e_mail address.
Our e_mail: Vina -> vee.juliant396@yahoo.com and Any -> aninsantimbuinga@yahoo.com

By Vina and Any.

Good bye my lovely friends (^-^)

Good bye my friends. I miss you all....
It was nice to meet you.(^_^)
May i know your email address...??
Although we can't meet in blog we still can meet in email or facebook, and my email is cutie_yayan@yahoo.com GOOD BYE............. ;-(

Good bye my lovely friends..........

I'm so sad to say good bye...,but we must end this blog. I'll miss our blog and all of you guys. I'm very happy to know all of you. You give me many experiences that I never know about that. You are tell to me about your holiday, celebrations day, and many things. Now I have many experiences from you all. I hope that even though we are not in the blog, we can always be a friends. Maybe we can talk or share many things in e-mail or facebook. This is my e-mail address sitinurlenaworetma@yahoo.com. By LENA